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Good Shepherd NGO celebrates 10 years at the UN

Good Shepherd NGO celebrates 10 years of collaboration at the UN

Photo: From left to right, Good Shepherd Sisters Vandana Lobo, Clare Nolan and Maureen Catabian

Good Shepherd became affiliated with the United Nations as an NGO with consultative status with ECOSOC in November 1996.The purpose of this affiliation is to further our mission of reconciliation, particularly in its orientation toward girls and women. It is a means of collaboration through which we work to bring about change in whatever condemns others to live a marginalized life. Through our affiliation with the goals of the UN, we seek to extend mercy to the poor, to the oppressed, awakening in our world the dignity and value of each person.

As the NGO office in New York has approached our 10-year anniversary, we have thought often about collaboration, which is a dynamic that our Chapter/Assembly documents have encouraged us to use. We have asked several international NGOs with whom Good Shepherd has collaborated over the past year to briefly describe their experience of collaboration with Good Shepherd. Their responses below are a true celebration fro the NGO office. With much gratitude to these and so many other NGOs who are part of the Good Shepherd mission.

Marie Elena Dio, SC
Elizabeth Seton Federation,

Having shared office space for almost five years with the Good Shepherd NGO, I must offer my greatest respect and love for the work, knowledge, involvement, and collaboration of your NGO representative. As a result of her work, your NGO is highly appreciated by other NGOs as well as by UN offices with which has worked. You can be proud!

Teresa Ulloa Ziaurriz

Coalition Against Trafficking In Women And Girls – Region of Latin-American-Caribbean (LAC),

The best services delivered for victims of trafficking against women and girls in the Latin-American-Caribbean (LAC) region are being delivered by the Sister of Good Shepherd, always willing to collaborate and undertake enormous amount of work, even to coordinate the national networks, as in the case of Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil.

Leslie Wright
former chair, NGO Committee on the Status of Women,

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd can always be counted on to produce effective, accurate research on the issues at hand, especially those affecting women and girls. As the former chair of the NGO CSW NY the organization provided leadership on trafficking and on violence against women and girls, and leadership in communicating their research to NGO and government stakeholders.

Sr Dorothy Farley
International Catholic Communication Office,

The Good Shepherd NGO at the United Nations, led by Clare Nolan, is focused, intelligent and cooperative. Time and time again, the Good Shepherd NGO provides background material and methods of furthering the issues of Violence Against Women and Trafficking of Women. I rejoice that we in the UN Catholic community -- lay persons and religious -- have experts in our midst! The Good Shepherd Sisters also provided us with the finest from the Middle East Lebanon)when Sister Hiam Baroud was here recently with us. How very helpful it is to learn from those abroad who speak with compassion.

Ann Scholz
School Sisters of Notre Dame,
Jereo eto

We have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the Good Shepherd NGO for past ten years on both sides of the Atlantic! The SSND and Good Shepherd offices in New York and Rome have collaborated very successfully on any number of projects. Each brings a unique perspective and set of experiences---the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. It has been a pleasure to multiply our effectiveness by sharing our gifts.

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Good Shepherd NGO celebrates 10 years of collaboration at the UN