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Good Shepherd NGO marks 10 years 2

Collaboration at the UN

Good Shepherd NGO celebrates 10 years of collaboration at the UN

Sharon Altendorf
International Presentation Association Sisters of the Presentation
Jereo eto

Clare, representing your NGO, agreed to mentor me as I began the work here at the UN. Since then we have worked together mostly on the issues of women – Clare usually leading and challenging me to even more work!

Mercedes Roman

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns,
Jereo eto

It has been for me a privilege to work in collaboration with the Good Shepherd as an NGO at the UN, especially at the occasion of the II Congress against commercial sexual exploitation in Yokohama, where we organized a workshop on prevention, accepting the challenge of bringing people from other countries. I met Clare at the UN coming back from Brazil, where I have another rewarding experience working with sisters of the Good Shepherd, also preventing child prostitution in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. Currently and thanks to Clare, I am also working in close collaboration with Sister Zaira Naranjo of the Good Shepherd Community in Venezuela, which adds my positive experience in working with the Congregation.I have to add that working and sharing views and concerns with Clare Nolan at Sessions, Committees and Working Groups, is not only a rewarding working experience, but a deep personal enriching one, and I know that all my colleagues feel the same. Clare brings fresh air and a profound honesty to the discussions.

Melissa Farley
The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
Jereo eto

1. Wonderful research support in Thailand and spiritual inspiration there. I was so appreciative of a Catholic service organization run by sisters that had pictures of the Buddha along with Jesus. A simple thing, but it moved me.

2. Clare Nolan's rock-solid presence at the UN, always welcoming and supportive, has meant a lot to me over the years.

Catherine Ferguson, SNJM
Coalition Coordinator, UNANIMA International,
Jereo eto

UNANIMA International, a coalition of twelve congregations of women religious and relatively new on the UN scene has benefited tremendously from our collaboration with the Good Shepherd NGO. Right from the beginning Clare Nolan was one of the speakers who helped us understand how to work effectively as an NGO. Later, when we adopted trafficking in human beings as our major focus, she helped us make effective connections with others working on this issue. Last June, we worked together to bring 3 experts in violence against women through trafficking to give their testimony at civil society hearings to influence the outcome document for the General Assembly this fall. Because of this work, the statement gave much more attention to gender inequality. It's been a great collaboration and I hope it continues for many years to come.

Deirdre Mullan RSM

Mercy Global Concern,
Jereo eto

My experience of collaboration with the congregation of the Good Shepherd has been very positive. Your NGO ( Claire Nolan ) is a highly respected member of the NGO community and we, Sisters of Mercy have been glad to collaborate with her especially on the many issues involving Women, which are discussed at this worldwide forum.