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Good Shepherd NGO marks 10 years 3

Collaboration at the UN

Hourig Babikian
Christian Children's Fund (CCF),
Jereo eto

Over the years, my experience in working with Clare Nolan, Representative of Good Shepherd NGO, has been very positive, professional, focused and successful. Clare always brings our attention back to the key issue, the children and women on behalf of who/m? we work for. Thank you.

Joan F. Burke

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
Jereo eto

Working with Clare Nolan of the RGS always helps assure that discussions are grounded in reality. Her and her organization's hands-on experience and focus on concrete results keeps us action-oriented in responding to voices of persons / peoples living in poverty. She "talks straight." [Were the language not taken from the vocabulary of violence, I would say Clare shoots from the hip and knows how to hit her mark!]

Philo Morris
Medical Mission Sisters
Jereo eto

It has been great working with Clare Nolan of Congregation of Sisters of the Good Shepherd at the United Nations. I am inspired by the hard work and dedication to women and children and the world's poor.Each of us have devoted our energies to a particular area of the UN, and piecing it together, our contribution is unmatched for making another World possible.

Sr Jean Schafer SDS
Sisters of the Divine Savior
Anti-Trafficking Awareness Project
Jereo eto

The Good Shepherd NGO link to Clare Nolan has been a very helpful relationship: significant references to global trafficking issues, actions, perspectives; candid feedback on information we feature in our newsletter; fast turn-around in the dialogue; a solid grounding in humanitarian compassion and justice!

Mary T. Keane
Trickle Up,
Jereo eto

Your organization has given the wider community a vision of those you serve through your promotion of their exquisite work. The beauty of the cultures and women you honor through promotion of their products is reflected in the luminous faces of your staff.Addendum: In my Quaker faith we speak of the Inner Light and how it radiates to others. I think of that often when I see your staff at SCSU and the UN carrying those bundles of products to sell and standing long hours at the fairs. The joy of their work and commitment to service of others radiates all around them.My NGO, the Trickle Up Program, gives small grants to the poorest to start their own businesses and I see a collaboration of spirit in our work together. Thank you for enriching this world by your vision and commitment.