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Motherhouse Committee

The Motherhouse Committee is named by the Congregational Leadership Team and members help in envisioning the future and overall use of the Motherhouse. They also assist the Community Leader and the Director of Bon Pasteur Hostellerie in considering issues of finance, maintenance of the building, job descriptions, hiring of personnel not covered by the Association, and responding to legalities specific to France. One member of the leadership team serves as a link to the CLT.

This committee is composed of Sr. Helen Anne Sand (Provincial Treasurer of France, Belgium, Magyarország and Nederland), Sr. Melitta Fragner (Province of Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic), Sr. Noreen O’Shea (Coordinator of the Motherhouse International Community and Congregational Spirituality Centre), Sr. Magdalena Franciscus (Provincial Coordinator of France, Belgium, Magyarország and Nederland), Sr. Madeleine Guigue (Director of Bon Pasteur Hostellerie) and Sr. Armelle Dehennault (member of the Congregational Leadership Team).