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The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is situated in the gardens of the Motherhouse, where the Calvary was formerly a venerated place. This site has been a place of prayer and contemplation for almost 200 years.

 To walk the labyrinth is to walk a pilgrim’s path. A labyrinth is a circugglar path leading to a centre. It is a spiritual resource. It is also an ancient symbol that is present in different cultures and religious traditions. There are labyrinths in India, in Egypt, in Russia, on the American continent and in Europe, like in Chartres’ Cathedral in France. Walking the Labyrinth is a way to get in touch with yourself, with others, with the earth, with the universe and with God.

The incarnate Christ, represented by an image of the Good Shepherd, is both in front of us and behind us as we walk on the Labyrinth. A stylised dove is set into the labyrinth. It    represents God’s Spirit. The Labyrinth gathers all of Creation into the Trinity, symbolized by a trefoil shape in the centre.

 The Labyrinth of the Good Shepherd has a classical shape with 7 circuits; it is 230 meters long. It has been designed by the Austrian architect Gernot Candolini and was built in 2012, at the request of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. It is made of slate, a typical stone of the region of Angers, with sand from the river Loire.