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ICA Americas

  • Closing Celebration of the ICA Americas Quito September 5th 2014

    The closing ritual of the ICA Americas and Missioning of delegates to the Chapter took place in the chapel at 4.30 p.m. The chapel was beautifully decorated with flowers. Introduction to the celebration: Two weeks ago, answering the call of Jesus the Good Shepherd,of our Congregation and of the people… More>>
  • The Listeners' Report - ICA Americas

     The listeners group with Sr Elena Martinez Facilitator From left to right: Sisters Elena Martinez( Facilitator) Yolanda Sanchez,Carol Pregno and Maria José Ernesto Lima  “I came that they may have life and have it to the full. I am the Good Shepherd; the good shepherd lays down… More>>
  • Mercado Chiriyacu By Jeanette McDermott, Mission Partner, Province of Mid-North America

     Delegates to ICA traveled to local ministries to experience how Good Shepherd Sisters are ministering to the poor and marginalized people of Quito, Ecuador. We were allowed to choose one ministry to visit from among five choices. I chose to experience the municipal outdoor marketplace Mercado… More>>
  • Presentation of the Contemplative sisters from their assembly (CACS) held in Quito from 8- 21st August.

      The Contemplatve Sisters from the Americas who were elected in the Cacs to attend the Congregational Chapter 2015  were invited to participate in the  Ica of the Americas.  This day, during the morning session, they gave a creative presentation on their experience throughout the … More>>

    For more information about the mission partners click here Two by two, with the candle Around the centre piece Receiving the apron The final sending We had a meaningful and joyful celebration for the missioning of our Partners. The celebration was in different steps.Before the celebration begins, Sr… More>>
  • Our Partners Speak

      We switched from the study of Theology in the Gospel of John to listening and dialogue with our mission partners.  This was an informative and inspiring day as we learned about the diverse works throughout the Americas.  It was also very interesting to learn how various units support… More>>
  • The Friendship/Covenant model of leadership based on John 13 - The Foot Washing Event (John 13:1-20)

      Dialogue betweenJesus and Peter Jesus washes the Feet of Peter Jesus washes the feet of his disciples The theme of the day for the morning session was John 10: Good Shepherd discourse and Leadership. In the afternoon we reflected on the Friendship/Covenant  model of leadership based on John… More>>
  • Biblical women in light of risk taking

    The day began with a Lectio Divina in the different circles. Sr Elena gave some orientations concerning the Schedule of the day,  then sister Rekha continued her input on the BIBLE and this day’s theme was Biblical women in light of risk taking: Shiprah & Puah (Exodus 1), Samaritan Woman… More>>
  • Methodology for reading Biblical text

    The liturgy was prepared by the province of Mid North America.  Sister Elena  gave some orientations for the coming days of the meeting.  Then Sr Eliene presented Sr. Rekha  Chenattu who will be our speaker for three days. The main themes were: Methodology for reading Biblical text          … More>>
  • Meeting One Another on the Journey

    On this first day in Quito we recognized that we have each been invited or called to share an important journey.  In order to meet one another, we ventured on a special “bus trip” of reflection, personal introductions and fun. This was intended to demonstrate our common journey and… More>>
  • Goals of the ICA America

      To strengthen our relationships with Sisters/partners in other Units  To look for ways to collaborate and go beyond Borders First International meeting after the reunification – broadening / stretching for all into a new reality in Europe/RIMOA & the Americas To bring into more… More>>
  • Reflections on Opening Ceremony of ICA America - Interviews by Jeanette Mc Dermott

        Sr. Gayle Lwanga Crumbley, RGS Province Mid-North America The opening ceremony was deeply moving. When everyone processed in with the color for their units, it gave me a feeling of reverence and joy. And it was so inspiring when the symbol was finally arranged and we all sang different… More>>
  • Opening Ritual of Ica America

    We are   united as one heart and one mind in the here and  now of our history. The participants were divided into  five groups. Each group were given a piece of linen of one colour of  the logo  ( 20 meters )  YELLOW  :  The CLT - Melinda and Len (Lay Partners)… More>>
  • Good Shepherd sisters and Mission Partners gathered in Quito Ecuador for the second Intercontinental Assembly. August 25 – September 5

    Sisters and Mission Partners welcoming each other 85   Participants, Apostolic, Contemplative sisters and mission partners from 27 countries of United States and Latin America gathered in Quito Ecuador to participate in the second Ica Americas Meeting. Each one received a personalized letter… More>>
  • The Intercontinental Assembly for the Americas begins August 25 in Quito Ecuador

    The Intercontinental Assembly of the Americas will take place in Ecuador Quito from August  25 to September 5  As for the CACS assembly the venue is the Center for Spirituality "María Auxiliadora",   Quito, in Ecuador.  The  planning committee is composed… More>>