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ICA Asia-Pacific

  • Closing liturgy of the AP ICA - October 17 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Mission partners ( Sisters and Lay partners) at the AP ICA ( Asia Pacific Intercontinental Assembly) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Introduction - Closing Liturgy We have journeyed together – Sisters and Lay mission partners – as one.Over these days, we have been challenged to go beyond borders,… More>>
  • Ica Asia Pacific in Pictures - Evaluation

    Evaluation On this last day of our assembly,we were invited to spend some time to reflect on some questions and then share in groups of 2. Q  U E S T I O N S ? Who, or what has come into your world and helped you see more at this iCA? What special memories will you take with you from these days?… More>>
  • Sharing of the Contemplative sisters from their assembly held in Quito – Ecuador in August 2014

    This day our Prayer was prepared by the Unit of Singapore Malaysia The first part of this day was spent on considering the draft of the priorities which Sister Aruna George presented to the participants.         The contemplative sisters ( Jude Ellen Golumbieski, Reina Escobar, Teresa… More>>
  • The Congregational Leadership Team shared their experiences and roles

      Jill facilitating the conversation The CLT shares their hopes Sr. Rita Luis shares her experience Sr Brigid speaks to the assembly This day the prayer was prepared by the province of East Asia. Our mission partners left after six days of  rich sharing and co learning. The members of the… More>>
  • Our Partners Speak

    Jason Furtado - Lay Partner ( South-West INDIA ) Only as high as I reach, can I grow Only as far as I seek, can I go, Only as deep as I look, I can see, Only as much as I dream, I can be Karen Ravns The ICA – Asia Pacific 2014 in Malaysia was a privilege to be a part of. It was an honour to meet… More>>
  • Missioning of Mission Partners to the Congregational Chapter

    Mission Partners with Sr Noelene White (Coordinator of the AP Partnership Team)  Sr Joan Lopez unit leader of Singapore Malaysia announced to the assembly the two partners who were chosen to go for the Congregational chapter. The two named partners are :Ms Rhonda Cumberland from the province of Australia… More>>
  • Good Shepherd Partnership Gathering - From Weavers to Risk Takers

    On 10th October 2014 fifty-six Good Shepherd mission partners, comprising sisters and lay partners, from the Province of Singapore-Malaysia gathered to deepen and reaffirm their commitment to justice in mission. Based on Micah 6:8, this annual weekend gathering organized by the Mission Link Committee… More>>
  • Discussion on Priorities

      During these two days, the participants worked on Priorities of Asia Pacific to the Congregational Chapter. The facilitator reminded us that we are working on Asia pacific and the congregational level and we have to consider the overall perspective. She told the participants to observe, to see… More>>
  • ‘Energized by the Spirit, We Risk together for Mission’ - Biblical Perspectives By Rekha Chennattu-Graphic Recording

    Graphic Recorder - Bernie Quah Malaysia -“Graphic recording takes visual content to a new level, combining words and images in a fun format that people really relate to”. Importantly, graphic recordings make ideas stick in the minds of participants.   More>>
  • EXPOSURE DAY : Good Shepherd Beyond Borders. Listeners Report

    Sister Monica Walsh, Secretary of the ICA Asia Pacific presenting the listeners group From left to right:  Pamela Molony, Julia Queck, Jason Furtado, Aruna George. Listeners Report Day 5 : 10th October 2014  EXPOSURE DAY : Good Shepherd Beyond Borders Issues We faced the shocking realities… More>>
  • The Good Shepherd discourse and Leadership - Friendship/Covenant model of leadership by Sister Rekha Chennattu

     The Gandhi topi (cap) popularized by Mahatma Gandhi in 1918 symbolizes the province of South West India’s expression of the Chapter theme “Energised by the Spirit we Risk Together for Mission”.  The topi represents the zeal which keeps us energized to take audacious risks… More>>
  • Biblical women in light of risk taking - Sister Rekha Chenattu

      The Prayer was prepared by the province of Sri Lanka /Pakistan.  Dance by Nisansala Perera God Of love. Jill our facilitator gave the schedule for the day,then sister Rekha continued her input on the BIBLE .This day’s theme was Biblical women in light of risk taking: Shiprah &… More>>
  • Reflections on the ICA Asia Pacific - Interviews by Poh Choo Chin

    Sr Josita Corera (Chairperson of Organizing Committee) “At this APICA, I am experiencing the joy expressed by Mother Foundress when she said “How happy am I to have you all around me”.   This gathering of joy is significant as it also speaks of the great hope, courage and… More>>
  • Methodology for reading Biblical text Story of Moses (Exodus 3-4)

    The liturgy was prepared by the province of Central East India/Nepal, the  theme was the call of Moses.  Sr. Rekha  Chenattu who will be our speaker for three days was presented by Sr. Eliene.   The main themes were:Methodology for reading Biblical text   -  Story… More>>
  • Asia Pacific ICA - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Opening Ritual

              After the Cacs meeting and Icas Americas which were held in Quito Ecuador in August September 2014, the Asia Pacific ICA now gathered 80 Participants including Sisters and Lay Partners from10 units.   The participants were warmly welcomed by the sisters of Singapore… More>>