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NGO Highlights 2000

2000 some highlights 

The UN

  •  Has a Special General Assembly (UNGAS) to mark the Millennium       
  • Holds Beijing plus 5 (B+5) to mark review five years past the Beijing Women’s World Conference UN Commission on the Status of Women - B+5
  • Creates and Commits to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Supports World Jubilee Campaign to End international Debt

 The NGO office

  •   Submits 1st NGO Quad report to ECOSOC (required)
  • Presents at GS Spirituality Center Renewal group, Angers, France
  • Visits Peru, celebration of 10 year death of Agustina Rivas
  • Presents the 1st required NGO Quad report to ECOSOC
  • Sees Publication of Girls 2000 – State of Girls for Beijing Review
  • Participates in the World Jubilee Campaign to End international Debt
  • Publishes First Edition of Embrace the World 


Images of 2000 

  Sr. Liliane Tauvette, superior General,  visits the UN, in front of Chagall  window.


   Sr. James comes all the way from Ethiopia.
 The NGO office, following the General Chapter Statement on Debt, is active in promoting Jubilee Justice, especially International Debt Cancellation.  We worked at the UN in New York and protested in Wahington, DC  

A special year for Women and Girls. The CSW Commission on the Status of Woemn reviews the Beijing Conference


 Angers International Renewal group at the Spirituality Center


At the European Parliamant in Balgium, observing the Women's Commission 

  International Retreat in Paraguay

 Visiting Peru


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