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NHO Highlights 2003

2003 some highlights 

The UN

  • Is active on issue of Iraq, trying to prevent USA invasion 
  • Holds high Level dialogue on Finance or Development, FfD

The NGO office

  • Sponsors an NGO speaker at the CSW NGO Consultation day – a survivor of trafficking
  • Presents on Prostitution/Trafficking, Cleveland, Milwaukee, NY diocese, Molloy College  
  • Attends and presents at the General Chapter/Assembly, Angers, France on Justice/Peace, Passions & Priorities
  • Is active in local and National Peace demonstrations, against planned invasion of Iraq

Images of 2003

  Networking on women's issues; speaking on Trafficking of Women


A visit to GS Austria after the General Chapter Assembly



Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaking  in New York for Peace



 Chapter/Assembly brought opportunities for meeting GS internationality

GS Internationality came to tjhe NGO office in New York as well:


Armelle, from the Congregational
Leadership Team



Geraldine from Ireland, working on international anti-trafficking

  Beatriz from Uruguay and Ana Marie from New York


Victoria from the Philippines



Carmen from Spain


 GS sponsored a survivor-speaker to address CSW 03



And stayed active in all areas:

 Visited GS in Mexico  


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