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Province of Lebanon Syria

Our Justice and Peace Team

By Georgette Tannoury, NGO Regional Designate ESCWA Beirut

Our new Justice and Peace team is already 7 months old. We meet once every 6 weeks. We are 4 sisters and 3 lay people so far, other lay people will join us in the coming months.
In our meetings, we try to analyze certain subjects, provide information on what is happening in our world and especially our region of the Middle East. We pray together and share in regarding certain issues. We keep informed about the following themes: human trafficking - Migration - Economic Justice - prostitution - girls - ecology).

We link with local teams, different people and NGOs dealing with these issues, (already the Bishop and the chair of the JP commission at the local church level, has promised to include us in the project of his team).
Each Member of the team is committed to local Justice through their daily work. However we also do our best to be creative and to look for prophetic answers to the current needs of our society.