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Good Shepherd of North America(New york - Mid North America and Canada)

Good Shepherd Ministries in New York

SISTER M. ELLEN KELLY has been appointed Provincial Leader of the Province of NEW YORK
Sr. Ellen made her perpetual profession in 1973. Her basic degree is in “Religious Study and Philosophy” and she holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. She has also trained as a Spiritual Director.
Her ministry experience includes teaching, childcare and social work. She spent many years working in Collier Services, Wickatunk, and has also served as Vocations Director and Formation Director.
Her mandate as Province Leader of New York will begin on 14th July 2008.
Sr. Ellen’s previous experience of leadership includes serving as director of Collier Services, Local Leader and Provincial Councillor. She also has experience of networking with our sisters in El Salvador, Mexico and Germany.

She can be contacted at: E-mail: Ekelly@collierservices.com Fax: +1 (732) 332 1240