303 Newsletter March - April 2019

In This Issue :

P. 3 - Transformative Communities. By Mark Clarke
P. 4 - The joy of being a disciple. By Sr. Blanca Nubia López
P. 5- If We Prevent It, There Would be no Trafficking. By Sr. Blanca Nubia López
P. 7 - Our commitment to non-violence. By Chloe
P. 8 - Let's celebrate the joy of being a disciple. By Alain Faure, Mission Partner
P. 9 - Shrove Tuesday at Our Women’s Drop-In Centre in London. By Sr. Lizanne Marsh
P. 10 - Migration Gathering, Sicily, March 2019. European project
P. 11- International Women's Day. By Patricia Mosquera
P. 12 - Maria Droste Project of Thiès. Senegal Community
P. 13 - An Interfaith Undertaking. By Sr. Jeannette Alfi
P. 15 - Aguchita and our positions, International Earth Day. Echoes from Justice Peace office