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"Ausbildungszentrum St. Josef" in Salzburg is located in the former convent, surrounded by large gardens and within walking distance to the famous old town of Salzburg. It is an upper secondary school and offers 4 categories of school education and therefore a broad spectrum of different forms of education. The profiles of the pupils in this school are very different, concerning background, abilities and future prospects. This school is for girls. The vocational school for 1 or 2 years gives a broad, basic knowledge and ability in the fields of economics, medicine, health, personality and... more
As Congregational Safeguarding Team, we had our first face-to-face team meeting in Rome from 14 th to 28 th February 2022. After weekly and monthly meetings via zoom during the past few months, the team finally got to see each other physically in Rome. What a great joy it was for each one, a memorable personal encounter. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions in Italy, we managed our 10 days quarantine time to be fruitful and a proactive gathering for planning our Safeguarding way forward. Being together, from six different countries, various cultures and specific safeguarding experience, reminded... more
From the Communications Center, Province of Bolivia/Chile. On Thursday, January 13, 2022, "Semblanza de Josefa Misionera Infatigable" (Portrait of Josefa Indefatigable Missionary), written about Mother Josefa Fernández Concha by the Chilean Sister Angélica Guzmán (right), was launched through a Facebook Live broadcast on the Province of Bolivia/Chile's Facebook page . The launch of the book, which portrays the life and works of Mother Josefa, a Servant of God and missionary of the Good Shepherd Congregation, was held on that Thursday in honor of the anniversary of her death. The book details... more
Dear Sisters and Partners-in-Mission, It is with great humility and a deep joy that I am in your midst virtually. The delegates of the 31st Congregational Chapter have given me the mandate to take up the responsibility to, together with my team, lead the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd for the next six years. I thank you for your confidence and trust in me. Our praise and thanks to God for enabling us to hold this Chapter virtually. I also take this opportunity to thank all of you who have and still are involved in the planning, preparations, proceedings of the... more
OUR COMMITMENT AS CONGREGATION TO A seven-year journey together… “God of communion, enable us to become communities of participatory action and advocacy, for the Earth and the poor. Enable our religious communities, in particular, to be prophetic servant leaders in the care of our common home and of the least among us.” (Prayer for communities joining the Laudato Si’ Action Platform) 14 November 2021 Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission, Today as we mark the 5 th World Day of the Poor and also celebrate the birthday of St. John Eudes, we as CLT, on behalf of the Congregation, have signed a... more
2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS): November 11, the actual 196 th anniversary of the foundation of our Contemplative Sisters, was one of the final two days of the Assembly. Honoring the day began with a prayerful tribute that recalled the history of our Contemplatives beginning with early pictures of the Magdalen Sisters as they were first known, then moving on to being the Sisters of the Cross, then to being the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd, to their current, rightful name, Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd! In some communities,... more
2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS): Yesterday participants spent time in prayer and reflection prior to conducting polling sessions to select their nine delegates to the Congregational Chapter. Three come from the Asia/RIMOA region, three from Latin America, two from North America and one from Europe. Today's presentation by Winifred Doherty (main picture) of our Congregational Justice and Peace Office was gratefully received by participants who then spent time in prayer and discussion. " Dear God, what are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to... more
2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS): Opening our first session today, the prayer period centered participants on the sower and the seed and how, when being on good soil, growth flourishes. This set the tone for focusing on the relationships between members of the Congregation and our partners in mission. Four of these partners, Lucrecia Loaiza from the Province of Central America, Gisella Zapata from Peru, Edmond Mariaraj from Sri Lanka/Pakistan and Lealcy Catao from South East Latin America (main picture), have been participating in this Assembly. Each spoke about... more
2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS): The opening prayer period of the first session today set the tone for addressing the topic of the Essential Elements common to all contemplative communities and also the added essential elements unique to our contemplatives. The common elements include the primacy of God, vows, liturgical life, silence and solitude, lectio divina, Gospel asceticism, prayer/contemplation, enclosure of the heart and being a welcoming community. These elements include the need to balance prayer, work, leisure and study. Our Congregation adds a few... more
2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS): The three Contemplative Sisters who are part of the Congregational Leadership Team, Sisters Jude Ellen Golumbieski, Mirian Colon and Lilly Davasia (main picture), presented their report that highlighted the essential elements of contemplative life on Day 3. They specifically challenged participants to develop a spirit and atmosphere that fosters inner freedom where all can participate in spiritual leadership and responsibility. Addressing the need for continued and on-going formation, these CLT members highlighted that such... more