Gerardo Anton Zerdin, O.F.M.
Bishop, Apostolic Vicariate of San Ramón


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today we have Sr. Aguchita’s relics, martyr of the faith that will stay here in La Florida, as testimony of her dedication to God and to people. A martyr is a testimony of God’s kingdom on our Earth that continues growing and producing fruits until eternal life.

Aguchita is a flower that was born in the deep Perú of Ayacucho, from the indigenous people with their sweet indigenous language and sweet word that raises their prayer and offering of their life to God, and that spreads their aroma and sweetness to people who need them. Mother and Shepherd she reflected God’s love to the little ones with her charism.


How good it is that both flowers are here, Rosa1 and Aguchita, in La Florida, that will most deserve this name!

What a strong motivation it is for the indigenous peoples to get closer to God, the creator of this wonderful world that we so often strive to humiliate and destroy!

What a testimony of deep love for children in this world, often full of selfishness and struggle!

What an example of religious life entirely consecrated to the Lord who affirms herself by giving herself fully and radiating kindness and sweetness around her!


Aguchita! We want you to intercede for us and help us further discover God’s love, so that we may not only ask but also follow the footsteps that you left. All of us can somehow imitate your example; that is what saints are for. Your life is on the altar where you offered your life for the love of God and gave it to your brothers and sisters and for them.


Rest in peace in this beautiful place, although we know that you will not rest, but that you will continue radiating love to the Lord whom you contemplate face-to-face and follow our footsteps with maternal wakefulness.


Your sisters will continue your work here. Help them to persevere and find your joy in serving their neighbor. Help the Vicariate so that vocations arise for the religious and priestly life. Help families to be united and stable. Help children and young people to grow with wisdom and virtue, so that there are many other flowers in the Lord’s garden, in La Florida’s garden. Help the indigenous peoples so that the light of Christ enlightens them and that they are strengthened in their aspirations to have a decent life. Help Peru so that the flowers of evil disappear and the flowers of good flourish.



[1] St Rosa of Lima, to whom this church and mission are dedicated.