Amazonian Center



The Amazonian Center for Anthropology and Practical Application is an Institute of the Catholic Church which has worked for 16 years serving the people of the Amazon and making known the serious political violence that the indigenous peoples of the rainforest are currently experiencing.

The Central Rainforest of our country has become one of the main centers of bloody armed violence. The coffee and fruit-growing area is home to indigenous peoples from different ethnic groups who have settled on the banks of the Pichis, Palcazu, Pangoa, Ene, Tambo and Perené rivers, and are organized into indigenous communities. There is also a significant rural population who mainly engage in agricultural activities.

These two groups of the population, the indigenous peoples and the agricultural workers, are the primary victims of the armed violence: victims of murders and forced disappearances, torture, destruction and forced expulsion from rural areas, and the breakup of their organizations. You already know our view, as well as that of several leaders of indigenous organizations, victims of the armed violence, of this insanity! 

In recent days, between September 27 and 29, in the village of La Florida, Chanchamayo Province, Junín Department, a subversive group carried out seven targeted killings, among them that of a religious sister of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd, Sr Agustina Rivas who was 70 years old.

The gratuitous death of so many Peruvians deeply hurts and worries us. Each day, it becomes more necessary and urgent to combine efforts that can be translated into concrete and effective action to stop the spiral of violence that this country is experiencing.

In spite of this conflict:

  • We believe that the strength of faith that unites all Peruvians will give rise to energy, creativity and hope to overcome what might seem impossible.
  • We believe that we build the Kingdom of God by making Peru a place where every Peruvian is recognized as an individual with full rights and where we all have the opportunity to contribute to and make history.