Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Team


This week, September 8 - 13th, the Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Team is at the Motherhouse learning more about each other’s work and strategizing as a team. The team represents the Congregation at the UN both at the international level (New York and Geneva) and regional level (Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Western Asia). Throughout the week they will be sharing with one another about the UN, their role at the UN and their specific work. They have an exciting week ahead of sharing and building solidarity. On Monday they looked back on the Congregation’s long history of justice peace work and how this history impacts their work today. 


Pictured left to right: Alexis Schutz, Assistant NGO Representative to the UN NY; Patrica Marshall, Facilitator and GSIF Board Member; Micheline Lattouf, NGO Regional Designate, RIMOA- ESCWA; Donatus Lili, NGO Regional Designate, RIMOA- ECA; Erika Sanchez, NGO Regional Designate REAL- ECLAC; Winifred Doherty, Main NGO Representative to the UN NY; Mirjam Bieke, Main NGO Representative to the UN Geneva.