To love the poor is to love life.


What does the testimony of Aguchita mean for the Church today and especially for us? For those of us who know Jesus the Good Shepherd, it is easy to know and marvel at the testimony of Aguchita. She said: "I am a religious of the Good Shepherd and I will be in the place of my work until I give my life, if God wants it. The martyrdom of religious life is every day."

“The people of La Florida are waiting for us and as religious we have to be with them, until we empty ourselves totally, we are not going to abandon them, we are responsible for these people, even if it is only one person.”

She preceded us in being a faithful witness to mercy and justice. She had to be and work in a place of conflict and great injustice. In the little things of each day, she lived compassion, tenderness, mercy, with a big heart, loving everyone without distinction and taking care of life. "To love the poor is to love life. It is to love the God of Life," she said.

Jesus offers us life in abundance (cf. Jn 10:10), a life full of God, a life of redemption. Let us celebrate this abundant life in this Eucharist and may God, through the intercession of Aguchita, grant each and every one of us graces and blessings for our lives.