La Florida, September 8, 1989


Dearest Sister Provincial Superior,

Many thanks for all your kindness and concern. It is truly a joy for me to receive your letter which is encouragement to continue working in this beloved village and offering up our small crosses and prayers to Jesus for the Congregation, vocations and for our country.

Sr Delia, I want to thank you in a special way for the great gift of Father Raul's presence. What an unexpected surprise. For me, personally, it's a grace, because I had my eyes opened with the Redemptorist Fathers in my homeland. I have received so much support to live out my vocation.

You can imagine! Three weeks of Eucharist here and the people are very happy. Even though they are reserved by nature – they truly are from the jungle – they have connected to his presence, thanks to God.

October 28 was a beautiful day, the 'community' mass – what a gift from the Lord – took place early, and I took the opportunity to offer the mass for those who prayed for me. That day, my sisters, I don't know when, or if they didn't sleep to set up the dining room, but they made everything beautiful, as they always do. The most important thing at that moment were the surprises on the table. The first thing I did was to look for the envelope from the Provincial House, the contents of which I could not wait to read. Many thanks for each of our Sisters - Teresa and Antonieta, especially to "mother". I am grateful for your invitation to go to Lima. I would very much love to, but it would disrupt the work and besides I'm not too bad. We stay close to Jesus for Him to take care of this matter, whist I do what I need to.

As for the spiritual, I’m making gigantic strides, as if these were the last days of my life. Time is flying by so I have to use it well, otherwise, I would present myself in eternity with empty hands. The Lord is too delicate. Let me tell you about one day in meditation when I remembered about the great "dream" I had when I discovered my vocation to be a religious sister: it was to work in the jungle. Years have passed, and I say to myself that the Lord has brought me here to give me pleasure in my old age, before I die – in short, I am clay in his hands.

Returning to Father Raul, we are very grateful. Although we haven't been able to attend to him as we would like, we have done our best, and we are eternally grateful for his company.

Delia, I am very fond of the priests. I have had so many opportunities to share their experiences with them, especially when I was working in the laundry.

Bad news: The militants have returned a second time and have declared La Florida a liberated zone. They left two dead during this recent visit, which the priest will tell you about in detail in due course.

We entrust ourselves to your prayers. We are in the hands of God and we are all very united in prayer. Thank you for your recent recollections – we reflected on these themes during our retreat and we ended with the Eucharist.

May the Lord soon fill you with a thousand graces and blessings and help you in your work.

With a loving embrace from the smallest of your daughters.

Sr Maria Agustina.