Actualités du Centre Spirituel

Congregational Spiritual Center Angers - France October 26, 2021 "How can we recover?" asks Sister Margron. "We have not finished having to revisit everything. To do it with the witnesses who have been able to unseal their word, and who, through the tragedy, know with a unique knowledge what is false. (...) I receive your 45 recommendations as a sign of demanding confidence in the Church in France. It is also a sign of hope that we will be able to situate ourselves in the truth of humanity, to be responsible, to do justice and to reform everything that needs to be reformed. But not without... more
NDCBP Spiritual Centre October 13, 2021 ANGERS Dear sisters and mission partners, The new Spiritual Centre team is happy to contact you. We arrived in Angers not long ago, and October 20, the Feast of the Heart of Jesus, is a (good) opportunity to start something together! Here are some elements that can unite us in prayer: A Word file with suggestions that you can use 3 PowerPoint files (one in each official language of the Congregation). If you have the possibility, please send us your reactions or what you have prepared yourselves, it would be a sharing... Send them to: csc.coordinator@... more