Ausbildungszentrum St. Josef in Salzburg


"Ausbildungszentrum St. Josef" in Salzburg is located in the former convent, surrounded by large gardens and within walking distance to the famous old town of Salzburg. It is an upper secondary school and offers 4 categories of school education and therefore a broad spectrum of different forms of education. The profiles of the pupils in this school are very different, concerning background, abilities and future prospects. This school is for girls.

The vocational school for 1 or 2 years gives a broad, basic knowledge and ability in the fields of economics, medicine, health, personality and social education. It offers to pupils aged 15-17 years an education and includes girls with learning difficulties or health issues.

The branch school for medical and economic administration (SMKB) which is for three years and the “HLW” going on for those up to the age of 19, has a full curriculum culminating in final exams. Both branches focus on the "World of Medicine" and offer an education for social and medical jobs. The "SMKB" finishes with a diploma, whereas the "HLW" ends with the final exams, both written and oral and offers a direct path to further education in the medical field or other studies at university.

Our school community sets visible signs of solidarity and humanity with numerous activities and events.  Just last week we participated in the Austria-wide school campaign "Fifteen minutes for peace". The students set a sign of peace, placed what they had in common over what divided them, and practised peace in concrete terms.

German: Friede sei mit dir. 

Croatian: Mir s tobom. 

Arabic: As-salam laka/As-salam laki. 

Russian: Mir tebje.  

Ucrainan: z myrom