Safeguarding team face-to face gathering

As Congregational Safeguarding Team, we had our first face-to-face team meeting in Rome from 14th to 28th February 2022. After weekly and monthly meetings via zoom during the past few months, the team finally got to see each other physically in Rome. What a great joy it was for each one, a memorable personal encounter. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions in Italy, we managed our 10 days quarantine time to be fruitful and a proactive gathering for planning our Safeguarding way forward.

Being together, from six different countries, various cultures and specific safeguarding experience, reminded us to recognise each one’s goodness, spirituality, values and efforts as we are going towards the same goal, journeying towards transformation. As a team, our differences, uniqueness, gifts and challenges, united us during our two weeks of conversations and planning We shared that Safeguarding is a way to be transformed and to transform others by our good practices.

As we deliberated on our safeguarding way forward, our team strategized, and planned how to assist each Unit in the implementation of good safeguarding practices and procedures across the globe within all the communities, ministries/projects of the congregation.  We will be sharing more and connecting with all the Units during the following months.

Safeguarding team from left to right: Bernardino Culombola – Safeguarding Training Facilitator, Sandra Neville – Safeguarding Advisor, Jane Nway Nway Ei – Safeguarding Coordinator, Samar Abou Assaly – Safeguarding Training Facilitator, Arlene Manoharan – Safeguarding Training Facilitator, Carolina Madariaga Marmolejo – Safeguarding Training Facilitator.